9 Takeaways from the Fashion Week 

Last month, we saw feeds of the fashion week all over TV and social media. We thought of giving it a breather and then putting down 9 trends that you need to know about. We looked at all that was presented in the major fashion cities - New York, London, Milan and Paris. We want to just showcase the 9 must have trends.


Duster Coat: Long coats that keep you warm and make you look stylish at the same time are the best attribute of these duster coats. You can find them in different colors and texture making them a good fit for different body types.

Gothic : Definitely bright colors invaded the runways but still there was enough gothic inspiration. Studded jackets, trousers and dark colors with great cuts made a fashionable statement. Grommets could be seen in these goth looks as well. 

Genderless Dressing : This was one of the most notable trends we could observe during NYFW. Genderless dressing stays away from sharp silhouettes or extreme detailing still keeping the look comfortable and trendy. This is the beginning of gender neutral fashion era.

Flares: A 70's trend, which made a comeback in a big way on the runway was the flare trend. Skinny pants have dominated the fashion scene for a couple of years but if the runway ushers what we will see on street style then the comfortable bell bottoms style trousers will be seen all over.

Fringe:  Fringe is a border type with hanging threads. This trend makes a comeback this year in a major way on the runway. Several designers adopted this trend in jackets, skirts, dresses providing a lot of movement on the runway. 

Cape: Another outerwear which was ubiquitous not only on the runways but extended on the front rows and street style were capes. This is an effortless style must. Capes provide comfort as well as fluid style.

Orange : Bright colors definitely make fall/winter less grey. Using bright colors for outerwear is a great way to keep that spring feeling going. One of the color palettes, which were seen on the runway and caught our eye was the bright oranges. A must have for everyone.

Monochromatic : Monochromatic are single color tone looks. It takes a little bit of practice to perfect this look. If done correctly, it is a very trendy look. On the runways we did see a lot of leather based monochromatic look, which kept us wanting more. 

Yeti Coat : Oversized, over the top coats which make you feel warm and look like a million bucks. These coats could be seen all over the front row as well. The good news is designers such as Stella McCartney showcased yeti cots in faux fur material making this trend a conscious decision.

Boho Looks : Feminine, fun and colorful is what this look encompasses. The artistic approach to long dresses made boho looks a staple in every women's wardrobe this fall.

Fur Coats : Real or faux fur was another look that was all over the runway in all the fashion cities. There is no denying that fur does add a dramatic touch to a simple outfit. The usage of fur was not limited to coats we did see a lot of fur collars as well. 

Prints on Prints : Matching outfits have become too boring. What we saw a lot all over the runway was clashing prints made to work harmoniously in an outfit. A new form of self expression is with  prints, colors and textures.