February a.k.a Fashion Month 

It is that time of the year when all your social media channels will be inundated with amazing street style photographs. This will make all of us rethink our wardrobes and probably get a wardrobe makeover. Do you walk around wondering what is going on? Well, here we are breaking down all you need to know the various fashion weeks that will take the social media world by storm. 

What is Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is that time of the year when designers showcase their ready to wear collection. This week is a great platform for designers to showcase what is in and what is out. 

How did it all start?

Paris has always been the fashion house , which influences the trends of the season. During World War II, Americans could not make their way to Paris. This is the time when Eleanor Lambert arranged Press Week for American designers to exhibit their designs. Therefore, 1945 is when fashion week started. 

When does Fashion Week happen?

Fashion week takes place twice in a year. As Fashion week is a time to showcase trends for the upcoming season they take place in advance of the season for the buyers to invest in the collection. This is the schedule of how the collection is presented.

February - Autumn/Winter collection

September- Spring/Summer collection


Which cities participate in Fashion Week?

New York - All fashion weeks start in NYC. For a long time , NYC was the last city to showcase their collection. This changed in 1999 when designers such as Helmut Lang and Clavin Klein were successful in flipping it around by making NYC first in the line to exhibit the collection. 

London : First Fashion Week took place in London  in 1984. This city follows up after NYFW. 

Milan : Milan has always been seen as a fashion capital. It is the house of several big designers. Milan is known for its ready to wear collection.It is interesting to know that the sartorial influence of the city lead it to the english word "milliner"- meaning fine wares.  It is the third city where fashion week takes place.

Paris : Paris has a cultural diversity. During its fashion week a lot of international and acclaimed designers showcase their collection. In 1914 a form of Paris Fashion Week started. It has always been a  fashion powerhouse  and now a final stop for the Fashion week.


What does behind the scenes of a fashion show look like?

 runway show lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes.  An important element of a fashion show is the front row attendees. These are industry people who are closely associated with the designers and sometimes have been sporting the collection looks. 30 to 40 unique looks are modeled during the fashion show. 


We look forward to the upcoming shows and look forward to sharing all the looks with everyone. 



*All images are taken from Google