Image copyrighted by Threadchannel 

Image copyrighted by Threadchannel 

What: A baby doll dress is a popular dress silhouette, which is generally short with a flaring look to it. 

How to wear: These dresses are popular in spring and summer time. It is a very flattering look for women with curves. It caters more towards the younger women as it has a certain playfulness about it. 

Fun Fact:  We started seeing  these dresses more in the nightwear/lingerie section of the stores. This cut was synonymous with sexy nightwear. Did you wonder about this name ever ?Well ,we did as well and we learnt this name originated from the 1956 movie Baby Doll starring Carrol Baker. For the first time this kind of dress was worn by an adult. The flirty aspect of baby doll dresses have led for it to be featured on runway looks. This 90's trend made a big comeback on the runways in paris couture week. We believe the versatility of this trend makes this one to stay. 


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