Paperbag Waist

                                           Paperbag Waist

What: A garment with extra material around the waist.

Where: This waistline is commonly seen in skirts, shorts, trousers. 

Fun Fact: This waist-cinching style makes the waistline appear smaller. This helps to make a casual look more trendy.





                                  This image is copyrighted by Thread Channel

                                  This image is copyrighted by Thread Channel

What: Raglan is kind of a sleeve, which continues till the neck. It does not have a distinct shoulder seam.

Where: We see these sleeves on causal tshirts, jackets and dresses.

Fun Fact: It is named after Lord Raglan. These sleeves were introduced for sportswear and the convenience it provided. This style is used in classic American baseball sweaters.


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