Image is copyrighted by Thread Channel 

Image is copyrighted by Thread Channel 

What: Trousers made for women which appear to look like skirts.

How to Wear: Based on the look of culottes, they can be dressed up or down. We prefer these with heels to give an illusion of long legs. A formal version of these pants are available which look good with crop tops and blazers.

Fun Fact: Originated from earlier Eurpoean fashion where men wore knee-breeches. They were part of military uniforms. 2014 spring/summer runway shows brought this pants silhouette back.



Image is copyrighted by Thread Channel

Image is copyrighted by Thread Channel

What: A kind of coat, which is woven to sit above the knee and which has sleeves which are not full length. 

How to Wear: Similar to Boyfriend Coat, these coats are a bit oversized in their structure and they look good when paired with more form fitting garments. 

Fun Fact: The name of this coat originates from the silky case spun by the insects larvae for protection. This coat encompasses comfort as implied by its name. These coats are flattering on every body type as well. 

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