Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone Pattern

What:  Herringbone pattern is a popular V-shaped weaving pattern. 

Where: This pattern is commonly found in twill, tweed and wool fabric. Suits and Outerwear are commonly made of this fabric.

Fun Fact: Initially, herringbone pattern was commonly used in menswear suits. Looking at the effect it created this pattern was adopted by interior designers for creating more depth for the rooms. According to history of fashion this pattern is believed to have developed from cross stitch.




Funnel Neck

Funnel Neck

What: A type of garment whose neckline is wide and high resembling a funnel.

Where: This neckline is  found in sweaters, hoodie and sweatshirt

Fun Fact: A futuristic view of fashion in 1960s was achieved by presenting runway shows with loose funnel necklines. This evolvement of neckline was in tune with the popular hippie culture of the time.


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