Every season there is that one fashion style which we all want to figure out, copy  or just know how to make it look as effortless as all the fashion it girls sport it to be.  The style that has been doing its rounds around the fashion circuit this season is the one where jacket is being used as an accessory. This has  to be one of the best street style looks. 

This trend has been called "Shoulder Robing" by The Guardian and Cosmopolitan whereas Vogue came up with "Coat Slinging". You can call it either of those two but this style is here to stay. Make sure to use the trendiest jackets to pull off this cape-like look. Based on our experience, we do believe it makes for a good photo-op as well as a transit look rather than being a workable look cause we definitely do need those hands.  We look forward to seeing more of this style to be shown by our subscribers with #threadchannel to get featured.